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You can make and receive phone calls from Microsoft Teams® from anywhere in the world.

All in One
By implementing this solution you will no longer need your current telephone exchange system since the integration of Microsoft Teams together with IsMyConnect offers you all the telephone switching functionalities and services you need.
The Microsoft Teams® Dialer allows users to establish calls both outside or inside their organization.
Worldwide coverage
Receive and terminate calls to any part of the world, all under high quality standards. It includes numbering resources, in multiple countries. We also deliver a Service Gateway when your preference is to use current PSTN phone lines.
Grow at your will, no hardware purchases or upgrades.
Phone Interconnection Service for Microsoft Teams®

IsMyConnect Integrates Office 365, Microsoft Teams® collaborative platform natively and transparently with the traditional telephony using your existing Telephone Lines or our telephone service, so you can make and receive phone calls from MicroSoft Teams® to and from anywhere in the world.

A Stable service, not likely to change or fail, is the key for all business activities.
Supported by a strong and healthy platform built to assure a robust service.
Enough network elements that guarantees that any failure will be unnoticed.
Able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, maintaining the expected levels of service
End User Experience

For the Microsoft Teams® user, the telephone functionality is configured, via the command line, directly in the application including the native Microsoft Teams® Dialer. The Microsoft Teams® Dialer allows users to establish calls both outside or inside the organization, without requiring any additional hardware or software.

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